Partener Creatorii Moldova

Association “CREATORII”, based in Ungheni, Moldova has been involved in the youth field since 2004 and realized a considerable number of projects and seminars of non-formal education till present time. For the last 2 years the organization participated in more than 20 youth exchanges, training courses and seminars as partner organization.

Also the organization was awarded with a grant from European Commission in 2013 for realizing a Training Course on Social Media topic .

Other activities that can be mentioned are: photo and video master classes, creation of video spots, documentary movies, banners and organization of photo galleries, flash-mobs, and other social events for the development of creativity, practical and theoretical skills of the young people.

Main objectives of the association:

  • To develop personal and professional skills of young people using non formal education methods
  • To create a platform of learning opportunities for people coming from rural and deprived areas of local community
  • To increase the leadership potential of young people by organizing different workshop and seminars.

Partener Forum for Education Bulgaria

Association “Professional Forum for Education”, based in Sofia, Bulgaria, has the aim of involving young people in the non-formal educational process, promote intercultural dialogue, youth mobility, volunteering and outdoor activities. It has as well the purpose of fostering young people’s will to express their opinion on themes, relevant to the European citizenship, to solve problems in a non-conflict way and to help developing a sense of tolerance and understanding of diversity.

These goals are realized by a number of specific activities provided by the organization, such as seminars, courses, conferences, summer and winter trainings and realization of youth activities on local and national level on topics like European citizenship, employment and entrepreneurship, volunteering, human rights. These activities are designed both for pedagogues who would like to integrate non-formal educational methods in the classroom, and for young people who are motivated to learn more on these subjects and to be an active part of society.

Partener ScambieuropeiAssociation “Scambieuropei” was established in 2009. The main purpose of the organization is finding opportunities for young Italian people to experience European (or extra-European) mobility, through the promotion of job offers, scholarships, internships, volunteering, and intercultural exchanges. Scambieuropei came into existence as a solution to a lack of access to information. It is an open space where young people can find free end edited information in order to gain new skills, foster their employability or simply have a sharp look on Europe. It undertakes several initiatives promoting and enhancing active European citizenship, intercultural communication, social integration, and fields like media and journalism. One of our main objectives is to stimulate multi-cultural meeting and reciprocal knowledge to encourage a more real and less rhetoric ideal of “European citizenship”, that is why since 2010 we are an accredited EVS sending and coordinating organization. Our main activities “live” and “side-by-side” are in Bologna, Northern Italy, where we have the operational office open to our volunteers and users. There we organize initiative by ourselves or together with other partners in the area (mainly other associations), but also meetings and training sessions about our international mobility programmes, including EVS. We also have our legal office in Central Italy and an info-point in Central Europe.

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