Solving environmental problems, discussed topic of youth from four countries, in Cluj-Napoca

Young people from Moldova, Bulgaria, Italy and Romania have organized, in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), an exhibition of recycled materials and a flash mob, which wanted to attract the attention of passers on the stringency of environmental problems.

The acts, which were held under the program “No Impact Project” come to familiarize young people with sustainable lifestyles, recycling and resource protection, the impact of carbon on the environment and responsible consumption.

“This project promotes an environmentally friendly lifestyle, as there are many people who do not give enough importance to environmental issues. Many young people do not know what recycling, resource protection, invisible water consumption means, etc. However, the role of youth is very important, because some adults are not so motivated to change, no longer being so receptive to these current ecologist movements that appeared lately. Young people are aware that eating natural, bio, eco and vegan products is very important for health and for others,” told TRM.MD Alexandrina Nicolescu, the organizer of “No Impact Project”, project launched by the Association “More Green” in Romania.

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